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Today, healthcare IT must ensure the delivery of applications at the point of care while pursuing IT best practices with limited resources.


Since 1993 Castle Systems has developed cost effective, yet state of the art solutions in the HCIS marketplace.  


Our primary solutions and OSSR are the most widely implemented business continuity and disaster recovery programs available today.   

Open Systems, High Availability and Vendor Neutrality

Data Centers for Co-location or tape restoration are in great supply. Essentially, this BYOD (Bring your own Data) to rented floor space model has been around forever and has changed very little.   A true Hot Site provides BLB/3M. Broadband Load Balancing multiplexes bandwidth providing 99% efficiency of the inbound stream using intelligent allocation. A   Hot Site requires the ability to throttle all available bandwidth real time in order to extrapolate mean throughput and end user load balancing.   A Hot Site also should conform to standard best practices (3Ms).   A multi point redundant and dual homed broadband fabric supported by multi vendor services (Cable, AT&T) should support multi protocol architecture (iSCSI, IP/Fiber).

These features enable the development   of High Availability transitional data storage (SAN) solutions employing block level replication. Streaming differential dataset updates to remote production datasets with a maximum latency in the bootable image of four hours provides failover of primary HIS and nmajor ancillary systems.   Castle Systems pioneered cloud computing in the Meditech environment and continues to provide advanced streaming solutions in an Open Systems format employing bit level replication. Castle supports EMC and HP SAN technologies and utilities.

Bit level inter-operability and virtual data domains support Vendor Neutrality, a key component of Open Systems operations. Vendor Neutrality allows the aggregation and unified management of all enterprise storage,   its' replication remotely, and presentation to hosts for testing and or LIVE failover.

Level 7 certification would require a transitional data storage scheme involving replication to a remote, switched fabric capable of failover.   Castle Systems monitors the inbound bit streams of its streaming clients 24x7x365, performing outsourced backup and quarterly IPL for testing.

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