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Castle Systems is a national Managed Services Provider to health care IT. Castle pioneered merged fabric replication streaming for fail over of hospital production hosts in their Cheshire, CT data center in 2004. More importantly, as a disaster recovery service for HIPAA Security Attestation solutions are compliance based supported by complete audit documentation, detailing the vendor’s role and responsibilities under HIPAA Omnibus and Security Control certification under SOC II. That’s a lot. So it’s all they do.


Castle has partnered with Evergreen Valley to perform MT MAGIC and 6.x client testing. Evergreen’s application support documentation (financial, clinical, ancillary) is recognized and recommended by Meditech.


In addition to EMC, Castle supports DELL Compellent Intelligent Storage Architecture as well as HP. While managing nearly one Petabyte of production (MT6.x) and archival (PACS) data, MT 6.x hosting services are offered through the Connecticut Hospital Association CHIMENet Data Center, a not-for-profit sub corporation that can also provision its own broadband for membership and provider clientele.


If your administration is seeking to develop disaster recovery methodology or has no demonstrable program in place for validation let Castle Systems demonstrate how you may completely yet cost effectively outsource enterprise backup, disaster recovery preparedness and auditable testing.

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